Commonly asked questions:

1. How long do I need to leave fusion tan products on before I shower?

Minimum of 30 minutes. Our products are “apply and wear”. They dry almost instantly, so you simply apply them and get on with your life, then let them develop and nourish your skin as they develop. Because our products absorb so quickly, once they penetrate your skin's pores they start activating immediately and keep developing long after. The longer you leave them on, the longer they will last and the more you will GLO. We can assure you that our products smell amazing and are so good for your skin that you will want to leave them on as long as possible before you take another shower.


2. How dark will I go, and how do I control the process?

Our products do not over develop. We have worked hard to ensure they are the fastest activating products ever created. Fusion Tan Products absorbs almost instantly. Gone are the days of Thursday night marinating in bronzers, baggy black tanning PJ’s and stained bed sheets. Fusion Tan is the FUTURE of Tan.

 If you are purchasing our premade favourites, we recommend

> 1 coat for a light / medium finish

> 2 coat for dark / ultra dark

 If you wish to control the process we recommend our GLO LAB tan creator. This will allow you to customise your dry time, colour depth, colour base, fragrance and skin care benefits in an easy to use straight forward process.  

All our products have less than a 1% transfer rate which means you can put any clothes you like back on after application. There is zero or less than 1%  transfer to clothing, sheets, garments, or furniture. We only use the best, most essential skin loving ingredients which are designed to absorb into your skin, not your clothing.


3. What is the difference between your Botanical Bronze and Classic Clear products in the GLO LAB?

Because we use clear transparent packaging, you can always see the difference between products yourself. Botanical Bronze has bronzer and thus has a 1% chance of colour transfer to clothing, sheets or garments.

Classic Clear is the exact same complex, minus the botanical bronzers, so therefore it has 0% transfer rate to clothes, sheets or garments.


4. How long before I see my GLO / Tan  develop?

Every-BODY is different. But results are always amazing.

Think of our products like a “body treatment” or “body polish”. The longer you leave them on the more nourishing they are for you skin and the more you are going to GLO! Fusion Tan will Sync with your skin’s tanning melanin, it  will make you the most fabulous tanned version of yourself. Usual development time is 3-8 hours. There is never any harm in sleeping with Fusion Tan on your skin, it has less than 1%  transfer to your bed sheets and the best skin care results happen over night when you are at rest.


5. How do I choose the right product for my skin type?

Our Rainbow Base approach to product creation is because we are about unity in all skin types. That means every product suits every skin type, every skin tone and every ethnicity. This is the future of tan. We believe in nourishing and loving your skin with only the best ingredients, no matter it’s starting point. So choose our products based on what your favourite fragrance or what your skin needs for love and nourishment today… we’ve done the hard work for you already. Never be afraid to change products, just like changing your skin care your skin will benefit from new products and thrive on fresh ingredients, it’s what makes the Fusion approach to tanning so much fun and so rewarding for your skin.


6. Why don’t you use bronzer or makeup guides in all your products? 

Simple. It is no longer needed to create a flawless tan. Like all things, progress is the key to simplicity.

Bronzers are formulated with artificial ingredients that your skin doesn’t need to develop a flawless GLO. These are the ingredients that cause skin irritation, dryness, uneven results and unnecessary mess and transfer to your surrounding and the environment. Our products absorb so quickly and easily they do not need these artificial additives. When we do use bronzers we use skin loving ingredients that do not irritate the skin.


7. What are GLO Gel Drops and how should I use them?

GLO GEL drops are concentrated skin care orientated treatments that we have sourced from  botanically derived sources to give Real results. Each one has a specific active and action designed to assist regular skin concerns. We’ve then infused our Fusion Tan Rainbow base Tan to give you an extra GLO.

To use these drops you simply need to infuse them into any moisturiser or face/body product. Start with a few drops, the more you apply the deeper your tan and the more you will glow.


8. I’m a professional spray tanner, why should I add Fusion Tan to my service offering? 

Simple. Because Fusion Tan is  far superior and a more enjoyable experience for your clients and future clients. To prove this to you we’ve compiled a list of expectations below:

Your Client Benefits:

> Active skin care benefits targeting their skin and lifestyle needs

> Lush fragrances that will last on their skin until they shower, no fake tan smell.

> Use the GLO LAB Tan creator to customise tanning sessions to each of your clients needs

> No need to remove deodorant or perfume before application when using bronzer free products

> Re-dress in any outfit, clothing or under garments with less than 1% risk of transfer

> Less than 1% transfer or stains to sheets if they choose to sleep in their tan

> The fastest drying tan ever created. Fusion tan can dry completely in seconds after each application.

> Results that can last up to twice as long when compared with almost every other tan available

You Benefit:

> Each bottle of Fusion Tan can last twice as long, simply because we do not clog our products with unnecessary bronzer and artificial ingredients that end up washing down the drain later. You get more tanning goodness in each bottle which makes you more $$.

> Less bronzer means less mess to clean up. Choose products without bronzer to ensure you don’t stain the surrounding environment, so you can be sure to keep a clean workplace, this is so important for mobile spray tanners.

> Stand out from the crowd with the GLO LAB Online Tan Creator and create a truly unique tanning experience setting your business up for success.

> The GLO LAB Tan Creator means you do not have to compromise on what you love. You can literally choose what you love about your current spray tan products, then personalise it.

> Your tanning space will smell AMAZING, because our products always smell amazing. No more fake tan smell.

> Fusion Tan means clients can come before work, after work, during their lunch breaks, after they have been to the gym… literally anytime they like simply because the products have less than 1% transfer to any clothing, dry almost instantly and feel amazing. This means clients can come for a tanning treatment at any time that suits them which makes you more available in peak times and will increase bookings during off peak times.

> Our products are extremely stable. Products that use artificial bronzers tend to turn green, ashy, orange or muddy. The industry says this means the tan has “expired”. Usually it is simply the bronzer that has expired, not the active tanning ingredient. The stability of our products means they will last much longer then the average tanning product available

> Our range of Glo Gels and Glo Mists are the perfect compliment to upsell your clients and make additional revenue. All our products are balanced using our rainbow base tanning balance which means you can recommend any product to top up as a gradual tanner, whilst still recommending based on skin care needs with full confidence it will not affect the flawless tan you created for them at application.


9. I’m not a spray tanner but I own a business, can I sell Fusion Tan and will it work for me? 

Any complementing business can sign up to our website and buy a starter pack that allows you to sell our products and make extra revenue. We are extremely confident that it will work for you, simply because we have done the hard work already.

Advantages are:

> Every product pack comes with testers so your clients can try before they buy and to keep you GLO’ing as our own GLO ambassador. .

> Our products look gorgeous, and are eye catching, so they will captivate interest in any work space

> Our products are easy to use and do not create mess if they are being tested in your business

> We provide marketing posters with each pack to create conversation starters with clients in your business


10. I noticed you partner with World Beauty Fitness & Fashion, Is fusion tan good for fitness models, competitions and photoshoots?

Yes. The WBFF signature collection not only suits fitness shows, but also dance, modelling, red carpet, runway, photoshoots and any occasion to create flawless skin.

The GLO LAB Tan creator allows you to custom blend your stage, fitness or dance tan to suit your own needs by choosing "Top Coat Bronze" in the colour guide section. Every blend comes with the endorsement of our tan creator, Sam O’Brien* wbff official tan & glo expert

Our partnership with World Beauty Fitness & Fashion is a testimony to the diversity of Fusion Tan results and the ability to suit Every-BODY. Our products are flawless, and we have created the perfect way you create a flawless tan for any stage apperence. The WBFF signature collection has been created exclusively and can be used for daily use, photoshoots, beauty pageants, dance competitions, cheerleading, modeling, runway  and fitness competitions. They are endorsed by WBFF creators Paul & Allison Dillet and the results speak for themselves on the exclusive WBFF stage & Red Carpet.


11. I’d like to create my own signature blend for an event, specific sport, pageant or occasion, can you help?

Yes. We currently formulate products in large scale for cheerleading, Irish dancing, Physical culture, fitness competitions, cabaret, red carpet and fashion events. Please use our online form below to tell us a bit more about your needs and we will be in touch.