Created as a cleaner, simpler and more rewarding way to tan. Fusion Tan not only seeks to deliver amazing tanning results, we infuse our products with ingredients that allow our clients to not only control the tanning process, but create the process as well by  compounding ingredients from the point of mixing and manufacturing. This philosophy uniquely gives a rewarding skin care experience with an amazing tanned, glowing skin finish every time.

Our GLO creations give you a simpler and more rewarding tan & GLO. We haven't just created amazing products that give great results, we’ve created skin loving, ingredient rich complexes that will absorb effortlessly and give your skin the love it deserves.

At Fusion Tan, we are the pioneer’s and the creator’s of the World's first Rainbow Base Tanning skin balance. This means every product suits Every-BODY. Choose the products that you love & let them return the favour instantly with vibrating skin care and glowing results.

We encourage you to use our personalised online product creator in the GLO LAB to infuse and create the tan that best suits your lifestyle, skin needs or special occasion. Or, if you’d like to simply choose our pre made favourites, we’ve done the hard work for you in the GLO SHOP.

No matter which product you choose, every product is poured, mixed and infused fresh to order at our Global HQ located on the Gold Coast, Australia. Within this unique space, every product is mixed, stabilised, balanced and packed perfectly to give your skin the ultimate finish.

When it comes to the Professional Salon and Industry technicians, with our team at Fusion Tan you're in the best hands in the business. Our team is made up of Industry professionals who have a combined experience of over 30 years with more than 1 million tanning services performed globally. This experience has led to amazing and ever evolving product creation unlike anything known to our industry before. For our professional industry partners, we’ve created a clear point of difference to help maintain and gain new clients.

Each and every compounded ingredient has been Formulated by World renowned Skin & Glow expert, Sam O’Brien who leads the Fusion Tan team with a range of products and ingredients made specifically to retain, maintain & Grow your clientele with the World’s best results. And yes, we love working with new partners, and yes we ship globally!