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      If you have ever wondered why certain parts of your body don't absorb tan as well as others, there is a good chance that it's all about the preparation

      Results known in the industry such as a “2 tone effect” is when colour develops inconsistently on areas such as dry legs, surgical enhanced breasts or body parts, tattooed areas, tan lined areas, and sun damaged areas. All of which are treatable with our range of skin primers to ensure an even finish from head to toe.

      Most  inconsistent tan development results are created by dry skin from shaving, waxing / laser, stretched pores from surgery and damaged skin cells from sun exposure. Our skin primers allow maximum absorption of amino acids and enhance tan development through stimulation of DHA penetration.

      So all you need to do is choose the product that best suits your skin type, apply it before you tan and let the results speak for themselves.