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      Loaded with Vitamin E & C, the google green nature of kiwi fruit is a delicate in application and active in results which is why this wonder fruit is becoming an exploding trend in the beauty industry to treat all kinds of conditions that have plagued our skin for years

      Irritation, sensitivity and breakouts are so common in our skin, and this powerful glo gel will not only assist in treatment, but also make your skin glo and radiate, offering an almost instant transformation.

      With the added benefit of a simply divine natural smell, kiwi fruit is as addictive as it is active.

      The compact size of Glo Gels make them the perfect travel companion. Rather than having to travel with bulky self-tanners, a GLO gel is a more concentrated formula that can easily fit into your travel kit and be added to your existing skin care routine for Glowing bronzer results all in a compact size that easily fits into your travel bag.