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      Botanically derived for amazing skin & GLO results, Pomegranate has been created to neutralise free radicals, stimulate keratinocyte skin cells and regenerate dry or sagging skin. If that wasn’t enough, this little love potion is balanced with the world’s most refined and naturally derived GLO ingredients, which ensures you a glorious sun-kissed glow within hours of application 

      There is no need to shower this product off, because it contains no skin damaging artificial bronzers. Simply apply, wear and watch the GLO develop.  

      Apply by spritzing a light coverage from between 15cm (6inches) - 30cm (12 inches) from the desired skin area. Use a bronzing or Shaving Brush to spread evenly. Apply more as needed.  

      The longer you leave on your skin without rinsing, the darker this product will develop.  

      Your skin’s NEW best friend! Safe for face and body.