Why Your Salon Needs It’s Own Signature Blend

Why Your Salon Needs It’s Own Signature Blend


If you are ready to take your spray tan business to the next level, creating your own custom solution is the best way to stand out from the crowd and to truly enhance the customer experience in your salon. Creating your own signature blend is a great next step to enhance your professionalism for so many reasons.


One size doesn’t fit all! 

At Fusion Tan we understand that every body is different. That’s why we have created the Glo Lab as an online personal product creator so you can infuse and create a tan that best suits your clients lifestyle, skin needs or special occasion. From adding your own unique fragrance and botanicals to selecting your desired touch dry time, there is nothing off limits. Every solution is hand poured, mixed and infused fresh to order at our Global HQ located on the Gold Coast, Australia.  


Increase customer satisfaction

Customisation is the perfect way to stand out from the competition and create a unique point of difference for your salon. Your clients will love having an exclusive solution that fits their needs and GLO desires. 


Create your own signature blend

Ready to take your tanning game to the new level? Get started with our Glo Lab or use our online form here to tell us a bit more about your needs and we will be in touch.

The perfect glow starts here!


Our Most Popular Pro Spray Tan Mists of 2023!

Our Most Popular Pro Spray Tan Mists of 2023!

The votes are in! Our 2023 crowd favourites finally revealed

When it comes to selecting what tan is best for your clients, there are a variety of things to consider ensuring the tan is perfect for them. We pride ourselves on accommodating to all skin types with our Rainbow Base approach, meaning every product suits every skin type, every skin tone, and every ethnicity.

While every product is suitable for every body, keep reading to discover which Pro Spray Tan Mists are the cult favourites and why!


#1 Bridal Chic Glo+

Elegantly and naturally infused to create a flawless finish for every bride, and every skin type. Created with the most important of life's events in mind, Bridalchic is a natural caramel base and is infused with skin firming and anti-ageing berry botanicals for soft, picture perfect, glowing skin. 


#2 Workout Fit Glo +

Workoutfit Glo+ suits all skin types and is formulated specifically for ambitious and active goal getters. Working out with you in every lifestyle and fitness tanning environment, Workoutfit Glo allows extra oxygen and nutrient absorption through your skin’s pores whilst keeping your fusion tan intact in all high sweat and ph fluctuating areas of your skin longer. In fact, the more you sweat, the better your tan looks, so…. Get active and get your GLO on!



#3 Coconut CLEAR GLO

Colour from nature, Infused with Real coconut water. Clear Glo Coconut suits all skin types and is formulated specifically for a natural GLO. Absorbing onto the skin rapidly, and infused with natural hydration, your skin will feel soft and silky. With no artificial bronzers, it’s perfect for sensitive skin types needing a boost of hydration and colour.

How To Prepare Your Face For Tan

How To Prepare Your Face For Tan

Tanning your face doesn't have to be risky business. With the following steps, you can achieve a beautiful face GLO!  

Step One: Exfoliate 

The day before you fake tan your face, you should exfoliate. If possible, exfoliate with an oil-free scrub or chemical exfoliation product.  

Step Two: Ice Facial + Dry Face  

An ice facial will help your pores to tighten. This will help to create a smooth surface for the tan to be applied. Other benefits from applying ice to your face include reduction of swelling, reduction of oiliness and elimination of puffiness. Make sure after you use the ice, you completely dry your face.  

Step Three: Apply Moisturiser 

Make sure before your tan you apply moisturiser around your eyes, along your hairline and eyebrows.  

Step Four: Apply The Tan 

When applying the tan, put the product onto your hands and spread it around your face in circular motions. Ensure your tan is evenly applied to all areas of your face (Including your ears and neck!) and then wash your hands once you're finished. Now you have a beautiful sun-kissed tan! 

Our Top Tips To Prep Your Skin Before You Tan!

Our Top Tips To Prep Your Skin Before You Tan!

Does your fake tan ever look patchy or doesn't last as long as you want it to? It probably has something to do with what you do before you tan. To get your ideal glow, you need to do a few steps before applying our tan.  

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What GLO Mist Is Best For You?

What GLO Mist Is Best For You?

Who says too much choice is a bad thing? We at Fusion tan certainly don't think so! That's why we have five different GLO mists to cater for all different skin types and concerns! 

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